My Vision

Templeton Schools are the pride of our community and the envy of the county. I feel so fortunate to live in Templeton and to be able to have my 3 children attend Templeton Schools. Our schools should be a vibrant and energetic learning community that supports and challenges all students. With effective leadership that is boosted by the support of the Templeton community we can fulfill this vision so that the district can continue to support strong academic progress, whole-child growth, and remain an effective and sought after learning environment. As we move into the future, we should:

  1. Ensure school safety by providing the safest and best possible learning environment at all campuses.

  2. All of our students must have educational equity. We must provide every student with what they need to maximize their education and to reach their full potential.

  3. Invest in our teachers and staff.  We must take active steps to recruit and retain the most talented teachers, staff, and administrators.   

  4. Boost our investments in learning recovery and social emotional support for all students.  We should provide additional supports to reading and math recovery and increased access to mental health resources.

  5. Take all necessary steps to ensure literacy for all students by 3rd grade.

  6. Support and grow our extracurricular and athletic offerings.

  7. Increase the districts commitments to high quality after school programs and care.  

  8. Advocate for programs and initiatives that value, appreciate, and support all students.

  9. Initiate 5 year and 10 year strategic improvement goals, create a clear and well defined plan to meet these goals, and articulate this plan to all stakeholders.

  10. Increase our partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and colleges to provide all of our students with enriching and valuable learning experiences and opportunities.

My Values


Growing up I was taught that honesty and integrity should be at the core of everything we do.  I continue to use this as the guiding principle in my daily life.


I am eager to hear from all sides and to consider the perspectives and ideas of all stakeholders.  


I value the open exchange of information and the reasons why decisions were made. What you see is what you get.

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